PHConsultants: multidisciplinary - international - effective - reliable

to PowerHouse Consultants

In late 2007 a group of senior consultants decided to start work on the establishment of PowerHouse Consultants  to cater for the growing need in Denmark and elsewhere to develop and sustain professional Project Cycle Management (PCM).

The name PowerHouse Consultants was chosen to illustrate our dedication and drive towards our mission:
to offer customised Project Cycle Management quality package deals combined with personalized service to innovative enterprises and their staff.

Also, the initials “PH” have special connotations in a Danish context. PH was a famous innovative Danish designer (1894-1967) whose products are still highly appreciated for their quality and reliability.



The PHC core team of senior consultants comprises a group of multidisciplinary professional consultants who are familiar with international bilateral and multilateral donor requirements and specialized in Project Cycle Management.

All of them have worked for a wide range of national and international organisations and agencies for many years.

Whenever the need arises PowerHouse Consultants will be able to draw upon its network of professional associate consultants to carry out supplementary assignments, e.g. to develop a communication strategy, or to complement multidisciplinary problem solving teams.